Anxiety Treatment on the Main Line

Anxiety is a normal, often appropriate, and much-needed emotion.  It is what we feel when our body’s alarm system alerts us to danger.  Some people, however, experience anxiety (or fear, worry, panic or dread) so frequently, or with such intensity, that it begins to disrupt their lives.  For those vulnerable to anxiety, it’s as if their alarm systems aren’t functioning as they should, but instead sound at the slightest disturbance, or even potential disturbance.

In most circumstances, an anxiety disorder is born of catastrophic predictions about what’s going to happen in the future, coupled with a self-belief that the person will not be able to handle, or perhaps even survive, a negative event.


In therapy for anxiety treatment at Main Line Relationship Center, we will explore:

  • Strategies to self-soothe and restore calm
  • The origins of your anxiety
  • The feelings, thoughts and behaviors you use to fuel anxiety
  • How to challenge and combat the automatic thoughts that keep you stuck
  • How to face your fears and rob them of their power
  • Whether medication is indicated