Divorce Support

Divorce Support on the Main Line

The end of a marriage can be one of the most stressful events in a person’s lifetime. For both partners — even for the one who initiates the split — divorce is likely to bring up a range of painful and difficult emotions, such as grief, guilt, anger, confusion, fear, shame, regret, anxiety, and other intense feelings. If children are involved, the stress level is likely to be even higher.

Divorce is not an event, but a process that takes time. Therapy at Main Line Relationship Center can provide a safe, encouraging and empowering haven during that process.


Support for Individuals


Working with a therapist can provide an objective and rational perspective, and arm you with skills to navigate the often bumpy road of divorce. People who rely on therapy during the transition from being married to being single benefit from learning more about themselves, and see the life transition as an opportunity for insight, growth and personal development.


Support for Couples 


Divorce support is also available for couples who are in the process of splitting, as a forum for working together in a healthy, constructive way to dissolve the marriage. In this case, the therapist acts as a mediator of sorts, and helps the couple set guidelines to ensure that the divorce is achieved with minimal hostility and emotional damage.

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