Parenting Support

Parenting Support on the Main Line

Does your household feel chaotic? 

Are the kids driving you crazy?

Is there too much fighting? 

Do you feel like your kids just don’t listen? 

Are you yelling, threatening, or hitting when you don’t want to? 

Are your kids acting out or exhibiting troubling behaviors? 

Do you worry you’re not a “good” mom or dad? 

Therapy for parenting support can help.

Being a parent is complex, challenging, time-consuming and never-ending. "Good parenting" doesn't just happen. It requires patience, coping skills, empathy, love, emotional maturity, compassion, and education. Few people feel prepared to be a parent. Instead, most of us just wing it, doing the best we can with what we know.  Sometimes this approach works well.  Other times, however, a more intentional approach is needed.

As both a therapist and a parent, I can help you:

  • Gain awareness
  • Clarify your parenting style
  • Acquire skills
  • Manage discipline
  • Align your interventions with your long term goals
  • Find practical solutions
  • Reduce conflict
  • Effect change
  • Nurture your development into a more effective parent